June 6, 2023

GROENDUS - Born To Be Wild

Chasing Nicolette Kluijver on her electric motor.
For Imagine People, we filmed the tracking shots for this commercial featuring Nicolette Kluijver. Join her on a journey through nature for a better future.
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GROENDUS - Born To Be Wild

Client: Groendus

Producer: Imagine People

Executive producer: Dirk Jan Prakken

Director: Dirk Zekveld

Projectmanager: Marielle de la Fuente

Copy writing: Vincent van Bruchem

DOP & Filmcar: Gijs Hartog / The filmcar

1st AC: Kjell Schipper

Audio & audio mix: Maikel Roethof

Gaffer: Ray van de Bas

Stunter: Stuntteam de Breukelaer

Production assistent: Jan Havekes

Make-up: Mari van den Ven

Photo: Hans-Peter van Velthoven

Edit: Robin Wilson

Componist & sound design: Henk Doest

Animation: Yuri den Oudsten

Colour grading: Davey Anthony

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