this is the filmcar.

Discover the story behind this rolling filming machine.
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Hi, i'm Gijs

Hey! I will introduce myself. I am Gijs, the founder of The Filmcar. Since childhood I have always been chasing the perfect shot. When I founded my company called Amain Films in 2021, I mainly focused on filming cars. In order to get the experience of these cars across well on film, I often filmed from the trunk of a car. This led to many dangerous situations, and fines from the police. I thought something had to change. I wanted to capture the same experience and emotion of the cars, but without the danger, and with a greater variety of possibilities: The Filmcar was born.

The Filmcar V1

After many drawings and calculations, it was time to build the first Filmcar. With a relatively low budget, I bought an older Mercedes Viano and converted it into the first Filmcar. After half a year I found out that this version was good, but not perfect: time for change.


The Filmcar V2

After half a year of drawing, building, trying and testing, the new Filmcar is ready for all types of film productions. From a bicycle to a supercar, from airplanes to buses, filming any type of moving object is possible. With a fixed and experienced team, I look forward to filming the most remarkable shots for you.